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Juicing for hormone balancing

By 4th April 2016 RECIPES

It will come as no surprise that IVF can have an affect on your hormones. The fertility drugs can upset your body’s natural rhythm and it is likely that you’ll feel wobbly during your treatment from time to time.

The great news is that what you put in your body can really help to minimise the hormonal changes associated with IVF. Choosing the right food will really equip you well for your treatment.

Here’s a mega-yum juice which is so easy to make and full of staple fruit and veg which you’ll probably find on your weekly shopping list.

The Hormone Balancer

  • A bunch of parsley
  • One cucumber (with skin, if organic)
  • One beetroot
  • Half an apple
  • One inch of ginger

I hope you enjoy this. It certainly helped me out during my IVF treatment. Get juicing, you’ll feel great for it!