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Meditation for fertility

By 4th April 2016 WELLNESS

Through meditation, you can create new, stress-free and peaceful neural pathways in your brain, and essentially rid yourself of certain limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. For more information on this, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s ‘Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself’ comes highly recommended.

Here are a few types of meditation that you can try:


Pick any mantra. It can be just one simple word, like ‘relax’, ‘breathe’, ‘healthy’, ‘serene’, ‘peace’. Or you can choose a sanskrit mantra, such as ‘so-hum’, or ‘ohm’. Sit upright, comfortably, and spend 30 seconds with your eyes closed before starting to repeat the mantra in your head. Mantras are used because they can be useful in helping the mind not to wander during meditation.


Also known as Vipassana, or insight meditation. The idea is to bring your focus to one thing, be it your breath, a candle flame or a physical sensation. Sit up straight with legs crossed. Gently bring your attention to the breath, noting each inhalation and exhalation, without trying to change anything. When you notice your mind wandering, gently bring your attention back to the breath.


Sit up straight in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and begin imagining yourself in a peaceful, beautiful environment of your choice, e.g. a desert island, a forest, a beautiful garden or your childhood bedroom. Engage all of your senses by imagining the beautiful sounds, tasting something delicious in your mouth, seeing all the beautiful colours and touching the ground beneath you.

For more advice on meditation for IVF, head to the Amazon store and download a copy of How to Cope with IVF.