Silvia Dunn is based in Cornwall in the south west of the UK. In addition to running an eCommerce copywriting agency, Silvia is the author of ‘How to Cope with IVF’.

Silvia has dedicated the last eight years to expanding her family. After trying to conceive naturally for five years, Silvia and her husband were referred for IVF treatment. Following an unsuccessful initial round of IVF they underwent a second successful cycle and their son was born in April 2015.

Since then, they have gone through a third round of IVF, which was initially successful, but sadly ended in miscarriage.

Silvia wrote ‘How to Cope with IVF’ during her first two rounds of treatment. She was unable to find a factual, empathetic and sensitive book about what to expect from IVF treatment and was finding the “baby dust” forums a little uninspiring. Silvia published her eBook in April 2015 and has since released the book as a paperback.

‘How to Cope with IVF’ has been well received by fertility patients and press alike. awarded the book with five stars and Fertility Network UK gave the book a very positive review, and said: ‘An essential hand-hold for anyone going through IVF treatment’.

To buy the book, head to the Amazon store. 

To contact Silvia, please send an email or call on +44 (0) 7891 142923.