How to Cope with IVF’ guides you through a series of lifestyle, nutrition and wellbeing tips in order to maximise your chances of conceiving, and offers clear, practical guidance and information on what’s involved in each stage of the IVF process.

“How to Cope with IVF” feels like a virtual hand-hold: one I would have wanted to hold very tightly if I’d been able to read it when I went through my IVF treatment” – Infertility Network UK

If you’ve just discovered that you need to undergo IVF treatment, or you’re in the middle of an IVF cycle, you may find yourself in unfamiliar territory and it can be easy to feel bogged down by the science, the statistics, the success stories and, most worryingly, stories of unsuccessful IVF treatment.

Written by Silvia Dunn, a writer with personal experience of both successful and unsuccessful IVF treatment, ‘How to Cope with IVF’ gives a jargon-free breakdown of the IVF process and recommends coping strategies for each stage, from preparing emotionally and physically for your IVF cycle through to coping with the results.

This book also explains how to enhance your nutrition by eating a variety of superfoods known for boosting fertility, strengthening and repairing immune systems and keeping bodies strong, happy and healthy. It also recommends simple fertility-boosting juices you can add to your daily routine before, during and after IVF.

It also arms you with ways in which you can cope with IVF in a healthy and positive way, from relaxation and meditation exercises through to pampering yourself using natural products to manage any physical side effects of fertility drugs.

Whatever your fears, concerns, doubts, misconceptions or worries may be, this book will give you hope: hope that you can and will emotionally and physically survive IVF and hope for the future, no matter what happens.

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