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Different types of yoga for different body types

By 4th April 2016 WELLNESS

Your yoga practice goes beyond the mat. Going through a range of yoga postures on a regular basis will be extremely beneficial to your body, but you can go further in positively impacting your life by infusing the practice of stillness and acceptance that you learn in yoga into every activity, including your IVF process. Here are some different types of yoga poses for different body types.


If you are athletic and robust, and you’re always on the go, you will benefit from a serene and relaxing yoga practice.


If you are overweight, and tend to shy away from exercise, a more dynamic yoga practice with a lot of sun salutations will do you a lot of good when combined with a light diet. Losing even just a few pounds can be extremely beneficial to your fertility. This advice applies to your partner, too.


If you are underweight, you would benefit from a restorative yoga practice. When warming up, do moon salutations rather than sun salutations, as these are more gentle on the body.

If you are in the UK and looking for a good yoga teacher, take a look at the British Wheel of Yoga website (www.bwy.org.uk).

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