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What does ‘blastocyst transfer’ mean?

By 3rd April 2016 ALL THINGS IVF

Your embryos can be cultured for up to six days which allows your embryologist to select the best quality embryo or embryos. With blastocyst transfers, your embryos are kept in a laboratory incubator before they are transferred to your body. By delaying embryo transfer until the blastocyst stage, your embryologist is able to determine which embryos are developing at the right speed and perhaps have the highest chance of producing a pregnancy and by delaying the transfer until blastocyst stage, this could also improve the embryo or embryos’ chances of survival. One of the main disadvantages of blastocyst transfer is that not all embryos have the potential to reach blastocyst stage so there is a real possibility that you might not end up with any embryos to transfer, which will of course be very distressing.

How will you know if you will receive a blastocyst transfer?

Your embryologist will discuss the blastocyst transfer options with you and will give you their guidance and advice on how to proceed. They will recommend either having a transfer between two and three days after your egg collection, or to leave the transfer for another couple of days to allow the embryos to reach the blastocyst stage. Remember that they will have scientifically observed and carefully monitored the development of your embryos so you must have faith in their advice and trust that your precious little embryos are in the best possible hands.

Don’t be disappointed if your embryologist does not recommend blastocyst transfer as an option. Not all embryos will be suitable for blastocyst transfer: this doesn’t mean that your chances of success are any lower, so do not worry. Your embryologist’s number one objective and priority will be for your embryo to result in a strong pregnancy so you really should follow their guidance with this.

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