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How to cope with testing day

By 3rd April 2016 ALL THINGS IVF
frozen IVF cycle

IVF pregnancy testing day is a big, big moment for anyone who has gone through the turbulent journey of IVF treatment.

Whichever way it goes, discovering whether you are pregnant or not is an emotional experience. Weeks, months, probably years have led up to this point and the result is imminent, so you’re bound to feel extreme anxiety. Most couples I speak to on this subject say that they didn’t sleep a wink the night before their testing day and as soon as they were able to do the test, they did.

Taking the IVF pregnancy test

I remember waking up at 5am ready to do the pregnancy test. I had convinced myself that it hadn’t worked. I was fully prepared for disappointment all over again so I thought about just doing the test while my husband was asleep but I thought better of it and resisted. We were totally in this together and I realised how unfair it would be to take that moment away from him, particularly if the test had been positive. So somehow I managed to get myself back off to sleep for a couple more hours until we both woke up.

I felt total doom at the prospect of doing the test but I wanted to get it over and done with. I said that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to look at the results window myself, so I asked my husband to do it. I did the test, left it on the windowsill in the bathroom and came back to bed with a big knot in my stomach. My husband then went into the bathroom and I waited for the sound of news, good or bad. But there was nothing. He was completely silent. I covered my eyes with the duvet and I felt him sit on the bed. He then told me to open my eyes. And there it was. ‘2-3 weeks pregnant’ on the results window. And that was it: our IVF pregnancy. This was the end of our long and painful journey and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter.

Top tip: clear your diary

My main advice to anyone preparing themselves for testing day is to keep the day clear of plans. You will be glad that you did, whichever way the results go. You will need the day to digest what’s just happened, so don’t make life harder on yourself by making arrangements that you may live to regret.

Sending you all lots of positivity and best wishes for your results. For more information on how to cope with testing day, download How to Cope with IVF.