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IVF trigger shot: the last injection!

By 3rd April 2016 ALL THINGS IVF

Wow. This bit feels great. Okay, you have another injection but it’s the LAST injection! You’ve reached the end of your IVF process and you have done everything in your power. The IVF trigger shot marks the end of the injection phase of your IVF process and it can be very overwhelming and liberating to get it ticked off.

When should you administer the IVF trigger shot?

My fertility specialist told me and my husband that we should administer the IVF trigger shot at 1.30am (your trigger shot will be very carefully timed based on the results of your baseline scans where they count the number of follicles and measure their sizes). We both went to bed very early and set our alarms. You can administer the trigger shot easily yourself but my husband and I decided to do it together. We woke up, got the injection ticked off and then breathed a massive sigh of relief. It was actually quite a special night, we were a little bit giddy and light-hearted because suddenly the end was in sight. I can only compare this feeling to waking up as a child in the middle of the night to catch an early morning ferry to go on holiday – you’re deliriously tired but something really exciting is about to happen. And when I say exciting, I don’t mean the excitement of IVF working, I mean the excitement about IVF being very nearly OVER!

Does the IVF trigger shot hurt?

The IVF trigger shot didn’t hurt, nor did it bruise me. And once it was done, it felt utterly fantastic. And the really great bit was the following day (the day before the egg retrieval). This was my first injection-free day in three weeks. I think I spent the day on the sofa watching films and sleeping so when I woke the following day for my egg retrieval, I was relaxed and ready.

For more information on how to cope with the IVF trigger shot, download How to Cope with IVF.