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IVF two-week wait: the ultimate test of patience!

By 4th April 2016 ALL THINGS IVF
two-week wait

Most couples say that the worst part about fertility treatment is the dreaded IVF two-week wait, or more specifically, the second week after the embryo transfer. Patience is an absolute must!

Once I’d had the embryo transfer I was actually more than happy to not know if it had worked. I was perfectly content burying my head in the sand for the first week. I pretty much got on with life as normal and every time I thought about doing a pregnancy test, I really talked myself out of it. I almost didn’t want to know the outcome. For as long as I didn’t know if it had worked, I had hope and that’s what got me through the first week.

However, the second week…

You know when time…goes…so…slowly…that….you….can’t….bear….it..any…longer? Yep. That.

The second week is painfully slow and as your testing day approaches, the anxiety and ‘what happens next?’ feelings start to kick in.

How should you approach the IVF two-week wait?

There’s little point in me advising you to try to forget about it, or keep yourself busy, because of course testing day will be all you can think about. Try to spend the week being extra kind to yourself. Do some gentle meditation. Try to get lots of sleep. Positively visualise that embryo clinging on to your uterus, quite literally for dear life. And hibernate. The more you obsess talking to friends and family about the what ifs, the harder it will be.

You need to be properly ready and prepared for the results and you need to be in a strong headspace, so keep life very simple during this time. Book time off work if you can – I certainly did.

You and your partner have been through so much to have reached this point and you’ll be going out of your minds wondering if it’s worked. There may be a few telltale signs during your two-week wait that you are in the early stages of pregnancy, or there may be none. You’ll drive yourself bonkers Googling every little symptom and, once again, there is little point in me advising against Google during the two-week wait. But please – limited your Googling as much as you can bare to! The answer to what is happening in your uterus is not on the internet. The answer is in that pregnancy test. And probably another one after that just to make sure.

For more information on how to keep your body strong and healthy during the IVF two-week wait, download How to Cope with IVF.