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New IVF book released on Amazon

ivf book

My new IVF book is finally out! After two years of blood, sweat and tears, the paperback book of ‘How to Cope with IVF’ is now available on Amazon.

As you may already know, I wrote ‘How to Cope with IVF’ when I was going through my first two rounds of treatment. I found the fertility forums a little overwhelming at the time and was getting bogged down with stories of IVF success and IVF failure, neither of which were particularly good for my state of mind at the time. Stories of IVF successes got my hopes up which is always a bit dangerous because just because it worked for someone else, what’s to say it’s going to work for me? Equally with stories of IVF failures, just because IVF failed for some people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fail for me.

I was looking for an IVF book which covers all angles of IVF, from explaining the process in a jargon-free way (please, no more abbreviations! Seriously, how is anyone meant to know what 2dp5dt means?), as well as coping strategies for managing the stress that surrounds IVF treatment. I was also really interested to find out more about diet and nutrition and how you should be looking after yourself before, during and after IVF treatment.

I read some IVF books written by fertility experts and medical professionals and while I really enjoyed reading them (big up to Zita West by the way, I love the way she writes and she comes across as a thoroughly inspiring and lovely person), I also wanted to hear from someone who had gone through IVF to get their perspective. I didn’t want to read about someone’s own account of their IVF treatment either – I’ve nothing against them, it’s just that I felt like I’d end up feeling as I felt when I read the fertility forums – a little bit concerned about IVF success stories getting my hopes up and IVF failure stories depressing me. I felt as though there was a gap between IVF books by medical professionals and the ‘my IVF story’ kind of books, so I decided to fill it. And that’s what I did!

I hope this IVF book helps you and if you have any questions or comments about the book, I’d love to hear from you.

And here’s the shiny new book trailer!