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Sea salt nail treatment

By 4th April 2016 HEALTH AND BEAUTY

During IVF you may find that your nails are not as strong and that they tend to become weak and brittle. This is your body’s way of reacting to the rising stress levels that you are experiencing. What’s going on in your head will ultimately be visible on your body somewhere and having brittle nails is a very common sign of prolonged stress.

You could try adding a little extra vitamin C into your daily diet as it is well known for boosting your immune system and strengthening your nails. Not only will your body be responding to stress, it will also be reacting to the dehydrating effects of the drugs which is why your nails tend to suffer. This is another very good reason to keep your body topped up with water throughout the day.

Exfoliation is well known for promoting nail growth and strengthening nails and there is no better ingredient to use than sea salt.

Well known for restoring your skin and nails back to health, sea salt not only gets to work straight away but it feels luxuriously indulgent when applied to your skin.

Sea salt nail treatment

  • –  Two teaspoons of sea salt
  • –  Two drops of lemon juice
  • –  One teaspoon of olive oil

Mix the sea salt, lemon juice and olive oil together and gently massage into each nail and each finger, working your way down to the palm of the hand.

Feel the sea salt gently lifting off any hard skin and soaking into your nail beds, nourishing them back to health.

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